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Axereal entered Bulgaria in 2016 with offices in Sofia following the development of Axereal in the zone. We are devoted to offer the best seeds to Bulgarian farmers and to accompany them.  

 As a key country in the European agricultural landscape, Bulgaria, is the right place to develop our main activities: Sale and production of wheat seeds as well as flaxseeds. We offer agronomic consultancy, quality assurance and we produce offering favorable contractual conditions for our partners.  

For wheat, we organize seed multiplication from G4 to C1. We carry out this multiplication locally in Bulgaria with partner farmers and then organise the distribution. 

By offering flaxseed, our aim is to promote a profitable and innovative solution for the farmer, but also to offer a product that is of interest to the final industrial customer. Moreover, the development of this crop responds to the current societal need to consume healthy and local products. We have therefore introduced a spring and a winter variety.  

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Axereal Central Europe

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Axereal Central Europe was born in 2015 following the development of Axereal in the area. It covers 6 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. With offices in each country, a seed multiplication farm, silos in Croatia, Hungary and Serbia, Axereal is well established in the local territory.

To satisfy the European cereal market needs, Axereal takes part in the entire grain chain from the selection and production of seeds to the selling of grain to agribusiness.

Our activities are based on customer needs and are harmonized with our production to offer appropriate seeds and other inputs. Following pedo-climatic situations, each country of the zone is selling specific seeds, after being tested locally, to ensure quality and high yields for the partners.  




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