Spring Flax

Champs à renseigner

The demand for oilseed flax in the EU is strongly increasing and this crop represents one of our main development levers in Bulgaria. We are developing and offering one winter variety : Attila.

Flax is a food and fiber crop grown in region with temperate climate. Bulgaria offers good conditions for the development of this flowering plant.

With the growing demand for healthy foods produced by local producers, Axereal Bulgaria is developing this market niche more and more successfully. Flax is a good choice for supporters of no-till technology, as well as an excellent alternative to rapeseed.

We offer you the opportunity to be part of this story and get to know our portfolio of oilseed flax seeds. You have the opportunity to reduce and spread the risk of climate change by choosing from the winter and spring oilseed flax varieties available.

Winter Flax

Champs à renseigner
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