Axereal Bulgaria presented a selection of tested wheat varieties (VIDEO)

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On June 22, in the fields of DZI - Gen. Toshevo, a presentation of the seeds offered by "Axereal Bulgaria" took place in front of farmers from Dobrudja.

Axereal is one of the largest cooperative organisations in Europe. It is a French cooperative consisting of 13 000 farmers. "Axereal Bulgaria is a subsidiary company and has been the representative for Bulgaria of the Group's grain sector for 4 years. The main objectives of the business policy are sustainable production of seeds meeting the market demand, selection of varieties, and continuous improvement of services", said Bilyana Kostova - Business Assistant at Axereal Bulgaria.

"This year we are presenting 6 varieties of wheat, two types of oilseed flax and several varieties of soybeans. Two of our wheat varieties have been established for several years on the Bulgarian market. These are Basilio and Euclide, of which we do seed production in Bulgaria", explained Bilyana Kostova.

The new wheat varieties - 2019 selection are Ortolan, Providence, Winner and Concrete, which are available as basic seeds. There are also two varieties of oilseed flax Omegalin and Attila, which currently have no analogue on the Bulgarian market.

In Bulgaria, these new varieties were sown in 2020 and this year for the first time we are seeing results that are excellent, Bilyana said, adding:

"We have our own breeding house. Our wheat varieties are tested. By selecting them, we emphasize the pedoclimatic characteristics of the country and the region so that they can best meet the expectations of every farmer in Bulgaria. As qualities of our varieties we can point out high yield (qualitative and quantitative), high disease resistance and reduction of herbicides and pesticides costs."

"In the last 2 years, the two wheat varieties Basilio and Euclide have established themselves in Dobrudja," said Tsvetomir Tsvetanov, representative of Axereal Bulgaria for North-Eastern Bulgaria, who made the presentation to the farmers from the Dobrudja region.

Last year in Dobrich these two varieties performed very well. "Euclide" was sown in the General Toshevo area and despite the drought the yield was very good - about 620 kg/ha, and from sown in the area of S. The yield was about 500 kg/ha. The Basilio variety is a very early variety and in Dobrudja (Kupinovo and Odarci) its yield in 2020 is also around 500 kg/ha. The expected yields of these varieties this year are around 900 kg/ha for Basilio and between 850-900 kg/ha for Euclide. We guarantee customer and grower satisfaction in the long term," said Tsvetomir Tsvetanov.

The team of Axereal Bulgaria covers the whole country. The main office is in Sofia.