Axereal Bulgaria relaunches the flax seed market in Bulgaria

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" Axereal Bulgaria " offers to its partners the possibility to rediscover a crop known in the past to Bulgarian farmers, namely flaxseed. Thanks to its cooperation with the best seed breeding houses, the company includes in its product list for the spring season the high-yielding oilseed flax variety OMEGALIN and for the winter season the variety ATTILA.

In addition to the good genetics of the varieties suitable for our climatic conditions, the team of "Axereal Bulgaria" stays by its partners throughout the production cycle, thus giving its guarantees of reliability, cooperation and good production results.

By expanding its portfolio with innovative crops, "Axereal Bulgaria" gives a hand to its partners to trust in its experience and revive this crop in Bulgaria. They offer added value in the partners farms by providing them with sales, with buy-back contracts, in the ever-growing European market for products originating in countries of the European Union.

Oilseed flax is a crop that fits perfectly into the rotation of any farmer who aims to preserve and enrich his soil for subsequent crops. Flax can be planted after wheat and barley in the rotation.

The most suitable sowing period for spring flax is from February to mid-March and for winter flax from 20 September to mid-October.

This year Axereal Bulgaria bought over 750t of flax from its partners and consolidated its position as a reliable partner on the Bulgarian and international market.

The mission of " Axereal Bulgaria " is to improve the performance of its partners in the agricultural industry by creating sustainable and competitive channels and adding value for everyone in the partnership chain: from the field to the end user.