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Central Europe: Sustainable wheat for the “Carta del Mulino” project by Barilla

Sustainable wheat
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Axereal Central Europe is honored to have delivered for the first year 10 000 tons of sustainable soft wheat to the mills supplying the food group Barilla, through its activities in Croatia, Hungary and Romania.

For the first year, local producers have been involved, with the support of Axereal teams, in the production of crops for the Barilla group's "Carta del Mulino" project, which is very committed to environmental and sustainable development.

For the producers, these demanding specifications involve actions in terms of crop rotation, rules to be respected allowing for the reconstitution and maintenance of soil nutrients, and the sowing of flowering plants on the equivalent of 3% of the wheat surface in order to protect pollinating insects. In return, the producer receives additional remuneration for fulfilling these commitments. This initiative allows the manufacturer to offer its consumers meaningful products that support the work of farming communities and give back space to the nature of the agro-systems.

"We must really salute the involvement of Axereal teams and local farmers partners in the deployment of specifications like Barilla's, which represent for us the future of food markets. Axereal's subsidiaries in each country ensure the complete traceability of the wheat batches collected: from the delivery of the seeds to the farmers, to the loading of the trains supplying the mills with wheat. After Croatia, Hungary and Romania, we plan to turn to producers in Serbia and Slovakia in the coming campaigns to join Barilla's virtuous approach", explains Mikaël Cholière, Director of Axereal's Central European activities.

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