Sustainable energy: Launch of a solar thermal power plant for Boortmalt.

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After cogeneration and biomass, the Boortmalt malting plant in Issoudun, France, can now rely on solar thermal energy for its heating needs. On September 20, 2021, the site inaugurated a 14,252 m² solar thermal power plant, which was financed by Kyotherm with the support of ADEME. The facility generates 8.5 GWh of sustainable, low-carbon heat per year, which represents about 10% of the site's needs.

This installation will avoid the annual release of 2,100 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 1,050 cars. Thanks to this new installation, 50% of the heat needed to operate the malthouse now comes from sustainable sources. This proportion is expected to increase in the coming years.

Sustainable development: a pillar of Axereal's model

"The Issoudun malting plant, the historical processing site for the cooperative's malt activities, has played an essential role in our industrial development. Over the years, it has been able to modernize itself to integrate cutting-edge technologies for an ever more sustainable malt production. Today, it perfectly embodies the dynamics of our trajectory, which aims to accelerate the agricultural and food transition," explains Jean-François Loiseau, President of the Axereal Group. This large-scale facility is part of the Axereal group's overall sustainable development strategy. "Our objective is to increase our profitability by focusing on the structuring of the supply chain. Environmentally-friendly production, HVE, low-carbon production, new generation grain storage: we are adopting a leadership approach on these and other subjects. Each step towards more sustainable production is another step towards meeting the expectations of our customers, and ultimately of consumers," explains Paul-Yves L'Anthoën, CEO of the Axéréal group.

Making the reduction of the carbon footprint a priority for the world leader in malt: Boortmalt

Producing malt in a sustainable way requires a daily commitment to continuous improvement. Reducing energy consumption and emissions is one of Boortmalten's four main sustainability goals along with water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and health and safety issues. "Our objective is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2030 throughout the entire Boortmalt global perimeter, thus complying with the Paris climate agreements," explains Yvan Schaepman, Managing Director of Boortmalt (a malt subsidiary of the Axereal Group). For several years, Boortmalt has been investing in alternative energies to reduce its carbon emissions and limit its consumption of fossil fuels. The Issoudun site is one of the most advanced malting plants in the decarbonization process, and it is proving this once again today.